Class ValueSourceUtils


public final class ValueSourceUtils extends Object
Utility methods shared by multiple ValueSource implementations.
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    • trimPrefix

      public static String trimPrefix(String expression, Collection<String> possiblePrefixes, boolean allowUnprefixedExpressions)
      If the expression starts with one of the provided prefixes, trim that prefix and return the remaining expression. If it doesn't start with a provided prefix, and the allowUnprefixedExpressions flag is true, then return the expression unchanged; if the flag is false, return null. Finally, if the original expression is null, return null without attempting to process it.
      expression - The expression to trim
      possiblePrefixes - The list of possible expression prefixes to trim
      allowUnprefixedExpressions - Whether to return the expression if it doesn't start with one of the prefixes. If true, simply return the original expression; if false, return null.
      The trimmed expression, or null. See the behavior of allowUnprefixedExpressions in this method for more detail.
    • trimPrefix

      public static String trimPrefix(String expression, String[] possiblePrefixes, boolean allowUnprefixedExpressions)