public class MethodMap extends Object
NOTE: This class was copied from plexus-utils, to allow this library to stand completely self-contained.
Jason van Zyl, Bob McWhirter, Christoph Reck, Geir Magnusson Jr., Attila Szegedi
  • Constructor Details

    • MethodMap

      public MethodMap()
  • Method Details

    • add

      public void add(Method method)
      Add a method to a list of methods by name. For a particular class we are keeping track of all the methods with the same name.
      method - Method
    • get

      public List<Method> get(String key)
      Return a list of methods with the same name.
      key - the key
      list of methods
    • find

      public Method find(String methodName, Object[] args) throws MethodMap.AmbiguousException

      Find a method. Attempts to find the most specific applicable method using the algorithm described in the JLS section 15.12.2 (with the exception that it can't distinguish a primitive type argument from an object type argument, since in reflection primitive type arguments are represented by their object counterparts, so for an argument of type (say) java.lang.Integer, it will not be able to decide between a method that takes int and a method that takes java.lang.Integer as a parameter.

      This turns out to be a relatively rare case where this is needed - however, functionality like this is needed.

      methodName - name of method
      args - the actual arguments with which the method is called
      the most specific applicable method, or null if no method is applicable.
      MethodMap.AmbiguousException - if there is more than one maximally specific applicable method