Class ObjectBasedValueSource

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public class ObjectBasedValueSource extends Object implements FixedValueSource
Wraps an object, providing reflective access to the object graph of which the supplied object is the root. Expressions like '' will translate into 'rootObject.getChild().getName()' for non-boolean properties, and 'rootObject.getChild().isName()' for boolean properties.
  • Constructor Details

    • ObjectBasedValueSource

      public ObjectBasedValueSource(Object root)
      Construct a new value source, using the supplied object as the root from which to start, and using expressions split at the dot ('.') to navigate the object graph beneath this root.
      root - The root of the graph.
  • Method Details

    • getValue

      public Object getValue(String expression, InterpolationState interpolationState)
      Split the expression into parts, tokenized on the dot ('.') character. Then, starting at the root object contained in this value source, apply each part to the object graph below this root, using either 'getXXX()' or 'isXXX()' accessor types to resolve the value for each successive expression part. Finally, return the result of the last expression part's resolution.

      NOTE: The object-graph nagivation actually takes place via the ReflectionValueExtractor class.

      Specified by:
      getValue in interface FixedValueSource
      expression - The expression.
      interpolationState - InterpolationState.
      the value related to the expression, or null if not found (not available from this source)