Class PrefixedObjectValueSource

All Implemented Interfaces:
QueryEnabledValueSource, ValueSource

public class PrefixedObjectValueSource extends AbstractDelegatingValueSource implements QueryEnabledValueSource
Wraps an arbitrary object with an ObjectBasedValueSource instance, then wraps that source with a PrefixedValueSourceWrapper instance, to which this class delegates all of its calls.
  • Constructor Details

    • PrefixedObjectValueSource

      public PrefixedObjectValueSource(String prefix, Object root)
      Wrap the specified root object, allowing the specified expression prefix.
      prefix - the prefix.
      root - the root of the graph.
    • PrefixedObjectValueSource

      public PrefixedObjectValueSource(List<String> possiblePrefixes, Object root, boolean allowUnprefixedExpressions)
      Wrap the specified root object, allowing the specified list of expression prefixes and setting whether the PrefixedValueSourceWrapper allows unprefixed expressions.
      possiblePrefixes - The possible prefixes.
      root - The root of the graph.
      allowUnprefixedExpressions - if we allow undefined expressions or not.
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