List of Available Plexus Components

Main Components

Name Description
plexus-archiver Component to manipulate archives.
plexus-compiler Components to manipulate compilers.
plexus-interpolation Flexible interpolation Framework.
plexus-io Components designed for use in I/O operations.
plexus-resources A component to transparently retrieve resources from the filesystem, classpath or internet.
plexus-velocity Component to render velocity templates

Sandboxed or Archived Components

Name Description
plexus-cli Components to easily create CLIs.
plexus-spring Adapter to use plexus components in a springframework application context
plexus-contextualizer Component to add values in your Plexus Context.
plexus-xwork-integration Provide an easy integration of Plexus with webwork.
plexus-mail-sender Mail sender with different providers (javamail, simple)
plexus-cache Cache API with different providers (oscache, whirlycache, hashmap)
plexus-swizzle A component adaptated from David Blevin's Swizzle project to generate reports from an issue tracking system (JIRA).