Class Shell

    • Constructor Detail

      • Shell

        public Shell()
    • Method Detail

      • setUnconditionalQuoting

        public void setUnconditionalQuoting​(boolean unconditionallyQuote)
        Toggle unconditional quoting
        unconditionallyQuote - see name
      • setShellCommand

        public void setShellCommand​(String shellCommand)
        Set the command to execute the shell (eg. COMMAND.COM, /bin/bash,...)
        shellCommand - see name
      • getShellCommand

        public String getShellCommand()
        Get the command to execute the shell
        the command
      • setShellArgs

        public void setShellArgs​(String[] shellArgs)
        Set the shell arguments when calling a command line (not the executable arguments) (eg. /X /C for CMD.EXE)
        shellArgs - see name
      • getShellArgs

        public String[] getShellArgs()
        the shell arguments
      • getCommandLine

        public List<String> getCommandLine​(String executable,
                                           String[] arguments)
        Get the command line for the provided executable and arguments in this shell
        executable - executable that the shell has to call
        arguments - arguments for the executable, not the shell
        List with one String object with executable and arguments quoted as needed
      • quoteOneItem

        protected String quoteOneItem​(String inputString,
                                      boolean isExecutable)
      • getQuotingTriggerChars

        protected char[] getQuotingTriggerChars()
      • getExecutionPreamble

        protected String getExecutionPreamble()
      • getEscapeChars

        protected char[] getEscapeChars​(boolean includeSingleQuote,
                                        boolean includeDoubleQuote)
      • isDoubleQuotedArgumentEscaped

        protected boolean isDoubleQuotedArgumentEscaped()
      • isSingleQuotedArgumentEscaped

        protected boolean isSingleQuotedArgumentEscaped()
      • isDoubleQuotedExecutableEscaped

        protected boolean isDoubleQuotedExecutableEscaped()
      • isSingleQuotedExecutableEscaped

        protected boolean isSingleQuotedExecutableEscaped()
      • setArgumentQuoteDelimiter

        protected void setArgumentQuoteDelimiter​(char argQuoteDelimiter)
      • getArgumentQuoteDelimiter

        protected char getArgumentQuoteDelimiter()
      • setExecutableQuoteDelimiter

        protected void setExecutableQuoteDelimiter​(char exeQuoteDelimiter)
      • getExecutableQuoteDelimiter

        protected char getExecutableQuoteDelimiter()
      • setArgumentEscapePattern

        protected void setArgumentEscapePattern​(String argumentEscapePattern)
      • getArgumentEscapePattern

        protected String getArgumentEscapePattern()
      • getShellCommandLine

        public List<String> getShellCommandLine​(String[] arguments)
        Get the full command line to execute, including shell command, shell arguments, executable and executable arguments
        arguments - arguments for the executable, not the shell
        List of String objects, whose array version is suitable to be used as argument of Runtime.getRuntime().exec()
      • getShellArgsList

        public List<String> getShellArgsList()
      • addShellArg

        public void addShellArg​(String arg)
      • setQuotedArgumentsEnabled

        public void setQuotedArgumentsEnabled​(boolean quotedArgumentsEnabled)
      • isQuotedArgumentsEnabled

        public boolean isQuotedArgumentsEnabled()
      • setQuotedExecutableEnabled

        public void setQuotedExecutableEnabled​(boolean quotedExecutableEnabled)
      • isQuotedExecutableEnabled

        public boolean isQuotedExecutableEnabled()
      • setExecutable

        public void setExecutable​(String executable)
        executable - Sets the executable to run.
      • getExecutable

        public String getExecutable()
      • setWorkingDirectory

        public void setWorkingDirectory​(String path)
        path - Sets execution directory.
      • setWorkingDirectory

        public void setWorkingDirectory​(File workingDir)
        workingDir - Sets execution directory.
      • getWorkingDirectory

        public File getWorkingDirectory()
      • getWorkingDirectoryAsString

        public String getWorkingDirectoryAsString()
      • clearArguments

        public void clearArguments()
      • getOriginalExecutable

        public String getOriginalExecutable()
      • getOriginalCommandLine

        public List<String> getOriginalCommandLine​(String executable,
                                                   String[] arguments)
      • setDoubleQuotedArgumentEscaped

        protected void setDoubleQuotedArgumentEscaped​(boolean doubleQuotedArgumentEscaped)
      • setDoubleQuotedExecutableEscaped

        protected void setDoubleQuotedExecutableEscaped​(boolean doubleQuotedExecutableEscaped)
      • setSingleQuotedArgumentEscaped

        protected void setSingleQuotedArgumentEscaped​(boolean singleQuotedArgumentEscaped)
      • setSingleQuotedExecutableEscaped

        protected void setSingleQuotedExecutableEscaped​(boolean singleQuotedExecutableEscaped)