Class SweeperPool

  • public class SweeperPool
    extends Object
    Pools a bunch of objects . Runs a sweeper periodically to keep it down to size. The objects in the pool first get disposed first.
    Bert van Brakel
    • Constructor Detail

      • SweeperPool

        public SweeperPool​(int maxSize,
                           int minSize,
                           int intialCapacity,
                           int sweepInterval,
                           int triggerSize)
        There are a number of settings to control how the pool operates.
        maxSize - if the pool has reached this size, any objects added are immediately disposed. If the pool is this size when the sweeper runs, then the pool is also trimmed to minSize irrespective of the triggerSize.
        minSize - - this is the size the pool is trimmed to
        triggerSize - - this determines if the pool is trimmed when the sweeper runs. If the pool size is greater or equal than this value then the pool is trimmed to minSize.
        sweepInterval - how often the sweeper runs. Is actually the time since the sweeper last finished a pass. 0 if the sweeper should not run.
        intialCapacity - the intial capacity

        Any value less than 0 is automatically converted to 0

    • Method Detail

      • get

        public Object get()
        Return the pooled object
        first available object from the pool
      • put

        public boolean put​(Object obj)
        Add an object to the pool
        obj - the object to pool. Can be null.
        true if the object was added to the pool, false if it was disposed or null
      • getSize

        public int getSize()
        Return the number of pooled objects. This is never greater than t maximum size of the pool
        the number of pooled objects
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        Dispose of this pool. Stops the sweeper and disposes each object in the pool
      • trim

        public void trim()
        Trim the pool down to min size
      • objectDisposed

        public void objectDisposed​(Object obj)
        Override this to be notified of object disposal. Called after the object has been removed. Occurs when the pool is trimmed.
        obj - the Object
      • objectAdded

        public void objectAdded​(Object obj)
        Override this to be notified of object addition. Called before object is to be added.
        obj - the Object
      • objectRetrieved

        public void objectRetrieved​(Object obj)
        Override this to be notified of object retrieval. Called after object removed from the pool, but before returned to the client.
        obj - the Object