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AsmModuleInfoParser - Class in
Extract information from module with ASM
AsmModuleInfoParser() - Constructor for class


build() - Method in class


compareTo(JavaVersion) - Method in class


exports(String) - Method in class
exports(String, Set<String>) - Method in class
exports() - Method in class
extract(Map<T, Path>) - Method in class
extract(Path) - Method in class
extract(Path) - Method in interface


fromSourcePath(Path) - Method in class


getClasspathElements() - Method in class
All T that belong to the classpath based on the module descriptor
getJdkHome() - Method in class
getMainModuleDescriptor() - Method in class
getMainModuleDescriptor() - Method in class
The resolved main module descriptor
getModuleDescriptor(Path) - Method in class
getModuleDescriptor(Path) - Method in interface
Extracts the name from the module-info file
getModuleName(Path) - Static method in class
getModulepathElements() - Method in class
All T that belong to the modulepath, based on the module descriptor.
getPathElements() - Method in class
getPathElements() - Method in class
Ordered map, respects the classpath order
getPathExceptions() - Method in class
Map containing exceptions for every T which modulename resolution failed


isAtLeast(JavaVersion) - Method in class
isAtLeast(String) - Method in class
isAutomatic() - Method in class
isBefore(JavaVersion) - Method in class
isBefore(String) - Method in class


JAVA_SPECIFICATION_VERSION - Static variable in class
Represents the System property java.specification.version
JAVA_VERSION - Static variable in class
Represents the System property java.version
JavaExports(String, Set<String>) - Constructor for class
JavaModuleDescriptor - Class in
Simple representation of a Module containing info required by this plugin.
JavaModuleDescriptor() - Constructor for class
JavaModuleDescriptor.Builder - Class in
A JavaModuleDescriptor Builder
JavaModuleDescriptor.JavaExports - Class in
Represents Module.Requires
JavaModuleDescriptor.JavaRequires - Class in
Represents Module.Requires
JavaVersion - Class in


LocationManager - Class in
Maps artifacts to modules and analyzes the type of required modules
LocationManager() - Constructor for class


main(String[]) - Static method in class
MainClassModuleNameExtractor - Class in
Extract the module name by calling the main method with an external JVM
MainClassModuleNameExtractor(Path) - Constructor for class
ManifestModuleNameExtractor - Class in
Extracts the name of the module by reading the Automatic-Module-Name attribute of the manifest file
ManifestModuleNameExtractor() - Constructor for class
ModuleInfoParser - Interface in
Extract information from the module-info file
ModuleNameExtractor - Interface in


name() - Method in class
name() - Method in class
newAutomaticModule(String) - Static method in class
newModule(String) - Static method in class

O - package - package


parse(String) - Static method in class
Parser only the version-scheme.


QDoxModuleInfoParser - Class in
Extract information from module with QDox
QDoxModuleInfoParser() - Constructor for class


requires(String) - Method in class
requires() - Method in class
resolvePaths(ResolvePathsRequest<T>) - Method in class
ResolvePathsRequest<T> - Class in
Contains all information required to analyze the project
ResolvePathsResult<T> - Class in
Holds the results of the project analyzer
ResolvePathsResult() - Constructor for class
ResolvePathsResult.ModuleNameSource - Enum in
Source of the modulename


setJdkHome(T) - Method in class
In case the JRE is Java 8 or before, this jdkHome is used to extract the module name.
setMainModuleDescriptor(T) - Method in class
Must be either or module-info.class
source() - Method in class


targets() - Method in class
toPath(T) - Method in class
toString() - Method in class


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.


withFiles(Collection<File>) - Static method in class
withPaths(Collection<Path>) - Static method in class
withStrings(Collection<String>) - Static method in class
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