File Selectors

A file selector is a plexus component, which allows to select certain files out of a given set. For example, the Plexus Archiver uses file selectors to select the files being archived out of a base directory. Its counterpart, the Plexus Unarchiver allows to restrict the files to unarchive.

File mappers are implementing the interface FileSelector.

Available file selectors are

All Files Selector

The selector for all files doesn't exclude any files. It is mainly useful when you want to avoid the value null for a file selector.

A configuration snippet for using the selector for all files would look like this:

  <fileSelector implementation=""/>

The selector for all files uses the role hints "all", or "default".

Standard File Selector

The standard file selector selects files based on include/exclude patterns.

A configuration snippet for using the standard file selector would look like this:

  <fileSelector implementation="">

This would include all image files, with the exception of those in the directory bar. The default excludes (for example CVS/) would apply and file names would be treated case insensitive.