Plexus Containers Structure History

Plexus Containers structure has evolved over time. This document tracks most notable changes around its main module - plexus-container-default.

plexus-container-default version release date structure change
1.0-alpha-1 2005-01-18 plexus:plexus-container-default is child of plexus:plexus-containers but not a module
1.0-alpha-2 2005-04-02 plexus:plexus-containers has plexus-container-artifact and plexus-container-default modules
1.0-alpha-4 2005-06-22 plexus:plexus-containers:1.0
1.0-alpha-6 2005-06-22 plexus:plexus-containers:1.0.2
1.0-alpha-7 2005-10-03 org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-container-default (groupId changed)
(used in Maven 2.x)
2005-12-07 org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-containers:1.0.3 (groupId changed)
1.0-alpha-10 2006-10-01 org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-containers:1.0.6, plexus-container-default as single module
1.0-alpha-11 2006-11-23 org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-containers:1.0.7-alpha-1 with a new plexus-component-api module
1.0-alpha-14 2006-12-13 plexus-containers has now the same version as its plexus-component-api and plexus-container-default modules
1.0-alpha-33 2007-10-16 addition of plexus-component-annotations
1.0-alpha-34 2007-10-23 removal of plexus-component-api, which has been merged into plexus-container-default
1.0-beta-1 2008-09-30 addition of plexus-component-metadata Maven Plugin, which supersedes Plexus Component Descriptor Creator and Plexus Maven Plugin
1.0-beta-3.0.1 2008-12-01 addition of plexus-component-javadoc, which was previously known as plexus-javadoc in plexus-tools
1.0.0 2009-06-19 no structure change, but the long expected 1.0.0 release...


Maven 3 uses Sisu as a replacement for Plexus Container: newer releases of Plexus Containers are mainly done for companion tools plexus-component-metadata Maven Plugin, plexus-component-javadoc or plexus-component-annotations.