Checkstyle Results

The following document contains the results of Checkstyle 6.1.1 with config/maven_checks.xml ruleset. rss feed


Files  Info  Warnings  Errors
1 0 1 2


Category Rule Violations Severity
header RegexpHeader
  • fileExtensions: "java"
  • headerFile: "target/checkstyle-header.txt"
1  Error
javadoc JavadocMethod
  • scope: "protected"
1  Warning
sizes LineLength
  • max: "120"
  • ignorePattern: "@version|@see|@todo|TODO"
1  Error



Severity Category Rule Message Line
 Error header RegexpHeader Line does not match expected header line of '^ \* Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation \(ASF\) under one\s*$'. 4
 Warning javadoc JavadocMethod Missing a Javadoc comment. 55
 Error sizes LineLength Line is longer than 120 characters (found 126). 209