Migration Guide

Migration from 1.11 to 2.0

  • useJava5(boolean) has been replaced with javaSource(int)
  • Associate attributes java.generate-create and java.generate-break have been replaced with attribute java.bidi
  • Associate attribute java.use-interface has been renamed to java.useInterface
  • Class attribute xml.namespace has been moved to model
  • Class attribute xml.schemaLocation has been moved to model
  • Field attribute java.adder has been moved to association
  • Field attribute xml.associationTagName has been moved to xml.tagName in association
  • Field attribute xml.listStyle has been moved to xml.itemsStyle in association
  • Field type Content has been replaced with field attribute xml.content="true" + type String
  • Model attribute xsd.target-namespace has been renamed to xsd.targetNamespace