The contents of this document are a work in progress

The 'Plexus' Personality


The Plexus personality revolves around two segments. The 'begin' and the 'end' segments. The 'begin' segment is run when your component is being started up and the 'end' segment when it is being shut down.

Begin Phase

Phase Interface Description
LogEnable LogEnable Passes a logger to your component. You will most likely want to inherit AbstractLogEnabled instead
Composition (no interface) Injects your dependencies (see below)
Context Contextualizable Passes the Plexus context. From here you can access the home directory, Plexus Container, and more.
Configuration PlexusConfigurable Gives you access to the PlexusConfiguration to configure your application
Intialization Initializable Initializes your component.
Start Startable Starts your component

End Phase

Phase Interface Description
Stop Startable Stops your component
Dispose Disposable Allows you to dispose of the components you depend on and other resources.
LogDisable LogEnabled Disables component logging

Dependency Injection

Plexus has the ability to do automatic dependency injection. When your component is being composed it will automatically fill in the fields or setters with your components dependencies.


The Plexus personality can configure your component two ways. In the auto configuration mode, it matches the xml to fields and classes on your components using XStream. For example, if you have a String field named "cheese" on your component, then this would automatically set that field to "swiss".


If this doesn't provide the needed flexibility you can implement the interface PlexusConfigurable and the PlexusConfiguration object for your component will be passed on to you.